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Ostara healing is a holistic practice dedicated to the healing of others;a healing practice focused on deep transformational healing through spiritual and energetic modalities. It is a space where we focus on facing, healing and letting go of the past and the negative cycles that keep us from thriving. It is a space where the burden of your past traumas are turned into your –  biggest gifts so that you may create a new story, your story, the story of your greatest dreams. All that you want and desire can be yours; you have all the power in the world to achieve your highest self and life. It is just about remembering who and how powerful you are. At Ostara I aim to give you that power- To put your destiny and your life in your hands.

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Theta + Hybrid

Energetic healing practice that uses the Theta brain state


Private, event and wellness days and school yoga classes


Powerful natural, energetic healing practice that transforms

Crystal Healing

Cleansing and balancing modality that soothes body and mind

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Who is Teagen

My name is Teagen and I am the founder and creator of Ostara Healing. I named my practice after the goddess Ostara as she represents the transformation from winter to summer, dark to light. The process of overcoming the past to step into the present – transformed, centered, whole and healed. I have dedicated the last 9 years of my life to healing and helping others transform themselves and their lives by overcoming their past and creating their highest reality. I have always dedicated myself to my clients and walk their healing journey right by their side – together with them

'Teagen is an incredible yoga instructor. She is very in tune with your body, mind and soul and can adjust a session accordingly. she helps me mentally, physically and emotionally with an incredible well balanced, yet demanding practice. I have seen great results and have lost 3kgs and at my goal weight.


My Journey

I am a yoga, meditation and breathwork teacher of 10 years with over 450 hrs of Teacher Trainings and have trained in SA as well as in  India. I am a Usui Reiki 1, 2 and advanced healer. I am also a Jikiden Reiki healer with over 4 years experience. I am a crystal healer and a crystal massage practitioner. I am a clinical nutritionist. I am a Theta healer. I am also a ceremonial healer and have held space for a variety of ceremonies and retreats. 

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Theta & Hybird Healing

Theta healing is an energetic healing practice that uses the Theta brain state to unlock the subconscious mind and allow for deeply powerful healings to take place. The Theta brain state is the same brain state used for hypnosis and deep prolonged meditation. The Theta brain state is the part of the brain between the conscious and unconscious . This space holds our memories and sensations. It also governs our attitudes, beliefs and behavior. Through the power of Theta healing we can use this deep access to shift, heal and transform any aliment in mind, body and soul. Theta is profoundly healing towards negative or limiting beliefs, replacing them with inspiring and life changing thoughts, feelings and actions. Your happiest, highest and most fulfilled life awaits you on the other side of this journey. Shed the past and all that is holding you back and allow yourself to rise in your true essence

A hybrid healing session is a creation of my own for someone who needs deep healing and they need it now! A hybrid session is a full 2hr session working with Theta, Reiki and crystal healing. It is a combination and all three healing modalities and can be thought of as the mightiest, most effective healing for clients who need to go deeper. A full immersion into the significance, enlightenment, and power of three modalities at once.


I offer private, event and wellness days and school yoga classes. Private classes: one-on-one yoga classes in the comfort of your home. A deep bond is built between us as I move is this the word you want  your complete yoga journey with you, structuring your classes to fit your exact needs and wants at a time that suits  you. These classes are 1hr long and can include any of the other yoga modalities you would like to learn. Events, wellness days and school yoga classes: I offer group yoga classes for any event, wellness days or school type yoga classes. The class can be suited to whatever theme or experience you desire


Reiki healing is a powerful natural, energetic healing practice that transforms the physical, mental, and emotional space while creating a deep connection to the spiritual space. Reiki is practised to heal everything from deep emotional traumas to physical ailments. Reiki balances the body’s energy systems and aligns the body. It centers the client and boosts the entire system with potent universal energy. Itawakens the body and soul and allows awareness to be brought to the areas i in which healing needs to take place. Reiki energy is the energy of the earth,gifted to us to bring about our highest selves and healing. These sessions are 1.5hrs long.

Crystal Massage

Crystal massage is a 2 decide whehter you want a space betwenn hrs and the number – just be consistent hr body, mind revitalization and restoration extravaganza. A deep full-body massage combining Swedish massage techniques and crystals. A powerful cleansing and balancing modality that soothes body and mind. During t the massage I remove any blockages, pain and tension from the body. A combination of crystal balls, palm stones, and wands are used to energetically transform the body, while the deep Swedish massage techniques ensure you enjoy the long, kneading strokes.

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Events and ceremonies

As a ceremonial healer I aim to hold a space of pure unconditional love and healing for all participants. My events and ceremonies always follow the theme of Ostara, in finding the divine light within you. I regularly host half and full day workshops as well as smaller yoga and sound journeys and am launching my 21 day Divine Awakening Healing programme in 2023.

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Holistic practice dedicated to the healing of others

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